Inspirational Women of African Descent

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This project seeks to bring together a pool of women to are role models for women of African descent.
Strong role models at home and in the local community are vital to showing girls and young women that they are capable of achieving great things” Karen Brady, Businesswoman and TV personality
While some argue that there is a lack of positive black female role models, there really isn’t. However, there is a lack of admiration for these figures today as there was in the past. Bristol has its share of female role models of African descent. This project will capture the stories of these women in a publication which will be available for schools and institutions that would like to use them for the future generation.
African Voices Forum has compiled a list of 30 women and “You are One of Them” We would like to invite you to consider sharing your story in the compilation of Inspirational Women, the objective is to create a publication for our future generation as a legacy and also to distribute this publication to educational and related institutions which can be used to inspire them.

What will this involve?
1. The process involves, you writing your story, across the following themes:-
a. Your Journey
b. Your Challenges
c. Your Aspirations

2. A record of your story will be captured across 2-sides of A4 pages
3. A brief history of your geographical location alongside the story
4. A photographic session will be organised for you to attend and have your picture taken
5. Compilation of the stories on the book
6. An exhibition and launch of the publication in early 2017.
7. By your consent an inclusion into the creation of a pool of mentors, coaches and role models on the AVF website

Next Steps!
If you are happy to proceed please respond via email and provide your telephone contact to the AVF project coordinator. She will contact you via telephone and guide you through the above processes. We would like to thank you very much for sharing your story and being part of this project – in 50 years’ time our next generation will be talking about you.

Inspirational Women: Personal Narratives | Kindle edition 


In the decade 2015-2024, which UNESCO declared the International Decade of People of African Descent, African Voices Forum, whose aim is to empower and support the development of people of African descent, takes the opportunity to recognise the incredible achievements of these women. This publication captures their stories, written in their own words; it goes through their journeys reflecting on where they started, the challenges and opportunities that they have experienced along their journeys, and their aspirations for future generations. The aim of this book is to celebrate these women and also to raise them above the mantelpiece; to recognise the diversity and breadth of their backgrounds in personal, professional and other respects. Most importantly African Voices Forum recognises that these women are role models in our society, who young black women in Bristol can look up to.





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