Pempamsie – Readiness, Steadfastness, and Hardiness
Annual Pan-Afrikan Internationalist Solidarity in
Afrikan Liberation Awareness Month 2021

Youth Conversations on Reparations and Liberty


Youth programme that brings together the views of young people in a discussion on the wider themes of Reparatory Justice.

“Nobody has the answers as to exactly what reparations should look like – that’s why what we are calling for is a process of repair which hears from many of the voices in our communities that have been impacted and are often not heard.”

This will be explored through digital narrations, responses to questionnaires and focus groups, please join us in the call to action that aims to inform city wide conversations led by afrikan heritage communities.

Initiating Dialogue For Mass Conscientization Towards Reparations


The Voices of Afrikan Heritage Communities in Bristol are rising during Afrikan Awareness Month.  Unprecedented events have happened in the City,  from the toppling of the Colston statue, the Global Black Experience of Ecocide from different lenses, the Black Lives Matter Campaign , The Environmental Justice Campaign, The Bristol History Project and the passing of the Atonement and Reparations Motion early in 2021.

“The restoration of the breach between the traumatised person and the community depends first upon public acknowledgement of the traumatic event and second upon some form of community action, once it is recognised that a person has been harmed, the community must take action to assign responsibility for the harm and to repair the injury in order to rebuild the survivor’s sense of order and justice”

Under the aegis of the joint partnership AVF joins our various resistance movements in the international, national and local stage to draw attention to enhancing the mass Conscientization of peoples throughout the World, with a focus upon concretising current endeavours of Global Pan-Afrikan Liberation Continuity in which we are glocally involved. This is a call to action for afrikan heritage communities to self-determine and raise above oppressive systems as PEMPAMSIE Plan of Pan-Afrikan Reparatory Justice Positive Action for Planet Repairs!


African Voices Forum (AVF) is hosting a virtual membership engagement event on the 30th January from 5pm. 2020 has been an unprecedented year with a global to local impact not only on our mental and wellbeing but also on our resilience to overcome the challenges and opportunities it presented. We want to reflect in these and share plans for 2021 with our membership. We are keen to hear about the plans our community have and how best we connect to collaborate more effectively. Please join us for a special engagement programme on the 30th January. A programme of events will be shared closer to the time.

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