Elfreda Kebbie


Sierra Leone

Elfreda Kebbie is an experienced Health Care Professional and an active community volunteer with the BAME community in Bristol. Elfreda has achieved a Diploma 3 in Health and Social Care and level two diploma in mental health. Elfreda currently working with the NHS trust, Bristol Royal Infirmary hospital. Elfreda serves on the executive board of the Sierra Women Independent Group (Chair), Sierra Leone Bristol Association (Social Secretary), African Voices Forum (Trustee), Bristol Safeguarding and FGM campaign group (member), Lived Expertise Campaign Team (member) and an ambassador for The Black Professionals Network

Elfreda was the recipient of the Inspirational Women award in 2018. Her story as an activist and community   volunteer was included in a book published in 2018 by the African Voices Forum. As an acknowledgement of her role within the BAME community in Bristol Elfreda was selected by the Bristol Lord Lieutenant Peaches Golding to attend the Queen’s garden party at Buckingham Palace in May 2019. As part of her executive roles she has been instrumental in developing strategies to combat and raise awareness of issues affecting the BAME community in Bristol.  In December 2018, Elfreda met with Sue Mountstevens; Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner on behalf of the Sierra Women Independent Group to further discuss issues within our community that affect vulnerable women.

Elfreda is also involved in mentoring teenagers and is currently working with the executive of the Sierra Leone Bristol Association (SLEBA) in developing a strategy for their youth development team. Elfreda uses her blog to engage with the BAME community on topics that affect them. She has written about community issues, mental health, domestic violence and inclusion. She is passionate about her community. Passionate about raising awareness about issues affecting the BAME within our community. Passionate about collaborating with other organisations to ensure that our community has the opportunity to be heard. She has been instrumental as Chair of Sierra Women Independent Group (SWIG) and Social Secretary of Sierra Leone Bristol Association (SLEBA) in reorganising their finances to ensure there is full transparency and accountability.

In 2019 Elfreda planned and delivered a successful community engagement session with the Avon and Somerset Police community engagement team. Elfreda is currently part of the Sierra Leone Bristol Association team in collaboration with the Nigeria Association Bristol (NAB), Ghana Community Bristol (GCB), Kombo Sillah and the Avon and Somerset Police community engagement team tasked with planning and delivering a community conference in 2020.