Senegambia Hidden Talent

The Charity’s objectives (the objectives) are:

a) To create platform for the youths of Senegambia origin in particular and the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) in general in Bristol area to help showcase talents, and coach the development of such talents for the ultimate realisation of their full potentials.

b) Integrating such marginalised and often disadvantaged youths in the mainstream or socially friendly settings for better moral and cultural developments.

c) Providing advice and information on the legal framework about, including (but not exclusively) child protection issues and the law on female genital mutilation to the parents of the youths; By organising workshops and sensitizations to help raise awareness about the dangers associated with the continued practices.

d) To create platform for educational activities of the youths of Senegambia and BME backgrounds; By organising and creating including (but not exclusively) reading, writing and arithmetic competitions to facilitate their academic developments.