Tan Teddy Folk Group

Tan Teddy is the only Jamaican Folk Culture Group, here in the South West of England, composed of people living and working in Bristol. The group promotes Jamaican cultural values, which arise from a sense of what it means to be part of a caring community where everyone is valued. We sing, dance and bring joy along with a sense of purposefulness to people’s lives.

We have a vast wealth of experience in community development work. Each year Bristol hosts an annual Carnival that celebrates the diverse cultures of the city but also acknowledges the unique and specific contribution from people who came from Jamaica. There is wide recognition of the huge contribution that Jamaicans and our culture and practices have made to the Bristol community.

Tan Teddy has taken some time to recognize our breadth of skills and competence and to appreciate what we have to contribute to the social landscape in Bristol. We are currently working on plans for a year long programme of workshops for older people which will initially take place at the Malcolm X Centre in Bristol.