African Voices Forum (AVF) is a Bristol-based network of African and African-Caribbean community associations/organisations, other community organisations working to empower Africans and African-Caribbean to take active part in policies and initiatives that concern them, as well as other organisations that share and support the forum’s values, principles, and objectives.

The AVF is registered in the UK as a company limited by guarantee with charitable objectives. It was set up on 18th March 2008 by African and African-Caribbean community groups following their participation in the African Voices conference organised at the Bristol City Council House on 1st March 2008 jointly by them and the Bristol-based Social Justice organisation, African Initiatives.

VISION:African Voices Forum believes in an active and sustainable African and African Caribbean community interventions where our voices and concerns, and those of other groups are given equal consideration by mainstream agencies and where everybody is allowed to enjoy their full dignity and respect and above all to realise their full potential.


  • Produce materials and support models to help African and African Caribbean community associations and organisations to implement their basic standards and to work towards their achievement;
  • Identify African and African Caribbean experts to support organisations and institutions specialising in education, research, culture, and policy.
  • Promote Africa in the curriculum and African Voices in Schools;
  • Forge and develop formal community alliances within the UK that seek to advance AVF’s vision and mission. Work in partnership with other organisations / networks as a default principle for new projects;


The African Voices Forum mission is informed by the following beliefs:

  1. In the power of community development as a process which gives people confidence and skills o exercise greater power in their everyday lives
  2. In working in partnership with other organisations that share similar beliefs in order to maximise resources and influence
  3. That properly constituted community organisations can help empower individuals and make them contribute towards a a cohesive and vibrant society
  4. That racial, religious and cultural diversity adds value to our  society, and that everyone has the right to equality of opportunity
  5. In the unique role of the African and African-Caribbean community sector as part of the broader voluntary and community sector


  • To provide support services, including advice and capacity building, to African and African-Caribbean national community associations and/or organisations, as well as other community interest organisations working to empower African and African-Caribbean communities.
  • To authoritatively represent the forum’s constituency and to speak out locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally particularly at EU and African Union levels, and promote the millennium development goals for Africa, in pursuit of its Vision and Mission.
  • To set up a virtual data base of African and African-Caribbean Experts, as well as a resource base of African arts and culture, which can be tapped into by members of the forum, and other organisations and institutions specialising in education, research and policy, entertainment, environment, community development etc.
  • Promote Africa in the curriculum in schools, as well as in further and higher educational institutions, especially by tapping into the pool of African and African-Caribbean experts.
  • To develop the forum’s organisational structure and procedures, ensure its sustainability, maximise accountability, and foster partnership and cohesion among its members and with other groups, to best meet its other strategic objectives.