Donna Pinnock



I was born in the lovely district of Spring Garden in the Parish of St Thomas Jamaica 54 years ago. My first school experience started at Spring Garden Basic School, then to Spring Garden Primary School. Whilst at Spring Garden Primary School I sat the then Common Entrance School Examination and was successful in gaining a place at Morant Bay High School where I attained my secondary education and O level qualifications. I worked as a voluntary teacher for the Jamal Foundation and later was employed and trained as a Teacher Training Officer. My role was to recruit train and retain volunteers working in the Adult Education Programme, my role further extended to the Compulsory Education Programme.

From then my job roles varied, I worked in a Food processing Plant as a Finance and Personnel Officer. I worked with the Parish Council as a Market and Parks Supervisor. I became a member of the Church of God of prophecy and played an active part in the growth of my local church. I later became the parish Youth Director, choir director for my local church and Youth Camp Counsellor.

I migrated to the UK in the early nineties, gained qualifications in Business and Finance and later Social Work. I have been working over the past 15 years in the Care and Support environment. I am  Currently employed and working as a support Worker with homeless men, supporting those with complex needs by signposting and empowering them to gain a stable lifestyle and to be socially  integrated.

I have say on a number of local organisations committee’s in my community and currently serves as the Chairperson for the Jamaica Folk Culture Group Tan Teddy.  I am involved with the promotion and delivery of a vibrant Performing Arts Project that involves an awareness programme around the Jamaican Folk Culture. Tan Teddy conducts workshops and rehearsals for young people and adults in singing, dance, poetry and drama.  The group has been performing at different l events both locally and in other Towns and Cities

My friends consider me to be a very happy and bubbly person who never finds time to stand still as I am always out doing something.  I am very passionate about the things I am involved with and will always go the extra mile if I think it will help. My commitment to community cohesion and the work I have done around community development has been the basis for my involvement with the African Voices forum as their main ethos underpins my values.