Forward Maisokwadzo



Forward Maisokwadzo is a journalist, trainer and researcher from Zimbabwe. Forward works part-time as Development Worker both for Bristol City of Sanctuary and Southern Africa Resources Centre which administers the twinning link between Bristol and Beira. He is a Research Consultant for Bristol Multi-Faith Forum carrying out a faith audit for Bristol. Forward is deeply involved with the Community in Bristol. He is Chair of the Bristol Zimbabwe Association and also a trustee of the Avon and Bristol Law Centre and The MediaWise Trust, an ethics journalism charity.

He is ex-Coordinator of the Exiled Journalists’ Network (EJN) ( and Communications Officer of the MediaWise Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Media (RAM) Project ( He worked on the Zimbabwe Independent until 2002 when he moved to the UK, and has freelanced for the South African Sunday Times, UK Sunday Times, Voice of America and the Guardian. He is also a final year PhD student researching on ‘The notion of framing HIV by Zimbabwean and UK press.’

Forward brings leadership, people management, project management, reporting, communication and excellent social skills to the organisation.