Tariro Faith Mango



Tariro Faith Mango is an activist, humanitarian and advocate for marginalised communities and the Black/African communities. She holds the positions of Director for Bristol British African Business Alliance, Lead Coordinator of Bristol-Zimbabwe Association, Chairwoman in a Women’s fellowship group in the South West of England and a Regional lead for a Girls Christian union group. She is one of the owner/ Directors of the Patricia Jabangwe Children’s Home in Prospect, providing a safe haven for vulnerable children.

Tariro has a passion for social research to shape social policy in the areas of communities and social cohesion across a range of issues including mental health, drug and alcohol use, crime and regeneration.
Tariro is an advocate for equal and fair access to health, education, finance, business spaces and housing.

Tariro has an array of expertise. She read for a law degree at Lancaster University, MSc Social Work (London Metropolitan). She also holds a Diploma in Education (University of Zimbabwe). Her academia is consolidated by 20 years’ experience within community development. The thrust of her experience is working with deprived communities which are generally considered as hard to reach and socially, economically and politically excluded from UK mainstream society. She holds vast experience in project development, coordination and implementation.