Marcia Atkinson



My name is Marcia Atkinson and I have been a member of African Voices Forum (AVF) for the past 3 and a half years.

I became a member because I admired the way in which AVF promoted equality for all especially African and Afo-Caribbean people, as well as how they address social injustices. Since becoming a member I have had the pleasure of meeting so many talented and like minded people who all share the same vision for people of colour.

In 2003 I enrolled in City of Bristol College onto the Initial Teacher Training Access Course. In 2004 I attended the University of West of England (UWI) where I trained to be a Primary School Teacher specializing in the Early Years.

Upon graduating I worked temporarily as a Support Worker with homeless people and as time passed the joy of helping people get there lives back together helped me to decide that I would like to be employed permanently as a Support Worker.

In 2010 due to my love for singing I became a member of Tan Teddy Jamaican Culture Folk Group sharing the Jamaican Culture within the Southwest and beyond through song, poetry, dance and drama.

I have held the post of Assistant Secretary General for the last 3 years to present day and look forward to continually working alongside people who help to promote self worth, confidence and togetherness.