Fostering Capable Young BME Leaders

African Voices Forum holds an Annual Conference every year based on community participation themes. The conference this year took place on the 11th June 2011 at the Council House. This was a whole day event under the theme-Engaging Youth Participation within the Community and Encouraging Positive Role Models for BME Young People.

It aimed to bridge the gap and work as a catalyst between BME young people aged 11-25 and decision makers and key stakeholders to encourage dialogue, consultation and influence strategies and policies, thereby providing an opportunity for meaningful engagement in local democracy for these BME young people in Bristol. It contributed towards a city wide project that aims to develop & support a core group of BME young people, responsible for the planning, organisation & delivery of a minimum of 4 consultative events & information workshops targeting 60-100 young people. The main objective of the conference was to:

  1.  Dis-entangle the barriers to participation for BME young people.
  2. Explore under-representation.
  3. Role of Schools & BME Positive Role Models