Young Legacies

Young Legacies is AVF’s new youth programme, with the aim of boosting youth engagement and digital inclusion within our African and Caribbean communities.

Led by Dwelly Ellis and Delano Gournet-Moore, Young Legacies’ plan is to provide opportunities to today’s youth by creating partnerships with already established community organisations, and utilising current spaces that will allow young people to be creative and express themselves through media, acting, dancing, singing, sport, politics and other topics of interest. We feel it is also important to create a platform for which young people can steer the wheel in the direction they would want. We will guide and support them in doing so, and aim to deliver training and accredited certification, which is a tangible skill, with the aim of boosting employment opportunities.

AVF Young Legacies Mission:

To be a community link between already established organisations and provide a platform where young people can meet to gain skills and share experiences.


  • Provide Support
  • Provide Advice
  • Facilitate Activities



  • Have Ownership of what we do
  • Empowerment of African voices
  • Engagement where we are underrepresented